Saturday, 17 October 2009

Ethically wrong.

I'm a volunteer helper at Sunday school and I look after a bunch of eight year old kids, who are bored to death by the classes. They know I understand their plight (having been a student myself for eight years) and so we've got a mutual respect for each other going on.

During mass, I secretly perv on one of the other hot teachers, who, according to Bakhita (one of my students and trusted confidante):

- is divorced
- has two kids
- has angel's wings tattooed on his back

Bakhita knows I think he's smoking hot and when he sat down in the pew in front of us this morning, the both of us started giggling. I had a minor heart attack when he turned around to shake my hand, and then proceeded to smile stunningly at me with those pearly whites and hazel brown eyes.

I really shouldn't be allowed to teach Sunday School.

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