Friday, 30 April 2010

put a ring on it, guuuurl.

If this kid ever grows up to become a Beyonce hating homophobe, I hope his father shows him this video. =)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

how to be famous- don't be.

I'm not going to lie, I love watching youtube vloggers. Amongst some of my favourites are kevjumba, nerimon and communitychannel, but I'm going to focus on a guy called charlieissocoollike.

As far as my non-stalkerish qualities are concerned, he's probably a little older than me (18-20ish) and he's British. I've been following him for a while now and all of his videos are funny and entertaining, he eats ridiculous amounts of wine gums, he paints himself purple and he has a man-crush on David Tennant.

He's also quite intelligent and has some very valid criticisms about modern day society- he manages to present them in a way that they're satirical and not quite offensive (except to Heat magazine). I've provided one of his more recent videos below:

my ultimate summer dress.

I'm surprised it's still on the site, since I was lusting after it a couple of months ago, but I was scrolling through my bookmarked list and found this:

This is the Urban Outfitters reformed open-back dress. It still blows my mind everytime I lay my eyes upon it.

As my attempts to convince my mom into buying anything I've mentioned on this blog and more have failed, I've all but given up hope on this baby. For old time's sake, I'll fruitlessly plead with her- this dress deserves it.

What I did find though, is that this dress comes in another colour. In the ask and answer section, someone posted up a picture of themselves wearing it:

Given that my mom actually says yes, this may turn out to be the most intense dilemma of my entire life.

Friday, 23 April 2010

numlock-esque polyvore.

This is a set I've had up on polyvore for a while, but the NUMLOCK watches I mentioned in my previous post reminded me of it.

This look was inspired by the image included with the set- a lookbook user called Lua P.

the only time i'd appreciate being numb.

Hehe, it's time to take some shameless pride in my hometown. I was browsing the internet (when I should have been writing scene summaries for A View from the Bridge) and came across Numlock.

Numlock is Hong Kong based and they make some lust-worthy watches. I know watches aren't really for everyone - I have friends who love them like A Level exams - but they made me extremely happy.

Here are my favourite watches from the site:

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

shared between two.

"But...I did my best, Jun. I found a job so I could become more independent-"

"This is exactly what's wrong with you. You've always only thought about yourself. And you didn't think about Shouji enough. Love is a story between two human beings, so if you can't think of each other, it doesn't work."

- Hachi and Jun, Nana
You thought Twilight was over.

You were wrong.

Stephanie Meyer has returned in full glory with a novella detailing the life of 'Bree Tanner'. I cast back to the days when I dredged through page after page of the four book saga and honestly couldn't remember who the hell she was.

So I did a little research.

In a press release here by USA Today, it makes complete sense that I don't know who the hell this chick is. She was in the book for ten pages, and then died.

I suppose I shouldn't be so judgmental as it hasn't come out yet, but then again, have you read New Moon? Someone out there compared Stephanie Meyer's work to over-glorified fanfiction, and as a fanfiction writer myself, I take great offence to this. There are hundreds of fanfiction writers out there who write miles better than she does- take one look at Annie Christ's Amor Tutti Fa Uguali and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. I've read sixth grade work more descriptive and original than hers.

However, I do admire the fact that a part of the proceeds are donated to the Red Cross. Given the hordes of twihards out there, there's probably going to be a pretty hefty donation.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

somebody get me a lollipop. (TOP?)

A Korean band called Big Bang have been hired to advertise LG's new Lollipop phone (yes, I do have yellow fever in case you were wondering). Now, while this is old news for people following the Korean music circuit, I watched the music video for 'Lollipop' featuring 2NE1 just recently and was blown away by the blindingly neon outfits. TOP wears a pair of amazing glasses in the video and I went onto google images to try and find a picture of him wearing them, simply because there must be other girls even more obsessed with him than I am.

This failed.

Nevertheless, I did find out that Big Bang released a song called 'Lollipop 2', which totally blew my mind. I watched the video and had a minor mental breakdown.

This is an image of an outfit TOP wears in the video:

After drooling over TOP, please direct your attention to the AMAZING THING ON HIS WRIST.

That is a Toy Car Bracelet. I have capitalised each word because that's what it's actually being marketed as. This particular bracelet was designed by Nic Nat, but there are similar bracelets by 1981 here. His button blazer amazes me to no end, it's fitted so well.

In case you were wondering, yes, he is wearing a Hillary Clinton plushie around his neck. It isn't actually meant to be a necklace, it turns out that what TOP is wearing is a chew toy. Fat Cat Inc. created it so vindictive pet owners could watch their loveable dogs shred their not-so-favourite politicians to shreds. (Do I spy anti-American sentiment?)

In the same video, TOP also wore some crazy ass glasses:

After frantic research, I have found it impossible to place who designed them though. I am now thoroughly depressed. If anyone knows where they come from, please drop a comment and enlighten me. =)

If you noticed that TOP happens to be crushing yet another plushie beneath the Lollipop, it's again a Fat Cat Inc. production- only this time it's Bill Gates.

I wasn't as impressed with the choices for the other Big Bang boys (clearly the stylist was a diehard TOP fan) so I haven't included them. The link to the music video with all the other members' outfits is below this, just in case you're interested.

Monday, 19 April 2010

lottery winners.

"The actors you see on the big screen like Keira Knightley? They're the lottery winners. They always have work lined up for them. 92-94% of all actors are either unemployed or working as something other than an actor. It's not easy an easy life. If you want to be an actor, you need to be prepared to stay in dressing rooms that smell like shit, to be able to spread yourself thin amongst casting agents, to be able to perform for audiences of three people and be okay with all of that. You have to be acting because theatre is your life and what you are.

It's the only way it isn't going to break you."

- talking to Phillip Pellew, cast member of Showstopper!

playtime on polyvore.

So, the sad, sad truth is that I spend most of my time playing on polyvore rather than actually working towards my A Levels. But that's okay. It's not like they're important or anything.

I just thought I'd incorporate those amazing sandals by Opening Ceremony I mentioned here into a set, and show you guys how I'd wear them. I also could not resist throwing in an image of the first generation of Skins, because I finished the first and second season recently and cried like a baby.

And just because I need some eye candy at the moment, here is my object of desire, Joe Dempsie (Chris Miles from Skins):

This is an Alviero Martini two pocket miniature backpack.

I have been lusting after it for little over four months after it randomly appeared in a vintage store less than ten minutes away from my house. I thought I didn't have the money to pay for it, but I've looked at all my pocket money and have realised that I actually do.


Friday, 16 April 2010


If this doesn't make your day, I don't know what the hell will.
"I hope there's an explanation for this," he said testily, tucking his arms around himself to brace against the chilly wind. "Something other than you're a recently paroled psychopath and I should be alerting the authorities."

"First month of parole's always tough," the redhead agreed.

- My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada by Quillslinger

i even hid the small comma and its tail, but the future that awaited me became a full stop.

If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's the fact that I'm kind of obsessed with certain aspects of Asian culture. This covers a ridiculous spectrum, from future husbands/male idols to dramas, from clothing to food, etc.

I've always been omega interested in Asian music, since music has been a big part of my barely lived life, and there's one band who recently caught my eye.

This is Epik High.

They're a South Korean band and although the members aren't particularly pretty, they're really amazing at what they do- I think the music industry definitely needs more talent, rather than sex appeal. One of the members, Tablo, actually went to Stanford for english literature and this is why their English lyrics do not suck (do not even get me started on Hug by DBSK. I love them, but it was painful.)

The ending of this music video (Run - Epik High) will drive you absolutely crazy, my friend actually cried when she saw it this morning in our common room. It's been filmed so well- when I watched it again, the stills leave all these subtle hints: like how they only focus on the upper half of the boy's body and his left leg.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

She had never been very expressive with her emotions, but he could always read her like a book - wayward punctuations, the detached relationship between words and sentences - and something told him that if he looked at her face right now, it'd be wearing an expression that meant her heart was breaking, and even though he could quote Chaucer and give shots and care for a chemotherapy patient, he didn't know how to deal with that.

Your broken heart was your own to bear and bury.

- from chapter three of My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada by Quillslinger

a voice like this could calm me in an A level exam.

I was browsing youtube (as I usually do when I have piles of homework/revision to do) and stumbled upon Hannah Trigwell. She's a street musician in Leeds.

Her voice is so clean and pure. I couldn't stop watching her videos. She's been signed to Hear Me Roar management and according to her website, she's going to release an EP very soon- which means an incredibly happy albeit lethargic teenager. "choux pastry heart" by Iceberg Y "choux pastry heart" by Iceberg Y: "Collage Straw Hat, Vintage Necklace, Topshop Oversized Shirt"

This is actually my all time favourite look on lookbook. You can't see it here, but the necklace he is wearing is absolutely amazing. I went to his blog and he's provided a close-up of it here:

The look belongs to a user called Iceberg Y who has awesome style, but I'd be lying if I said his cute face didn't influence my opinion slightly. His blog is called rockouture, so go follow him if you aren't already. He's got an opinion of his own on the fashion industry and various designers, so he makes for an interesting read. =)

Monday, 12 April 2010

it's barely spring, but look ahead kid.

There are four things that I am currently lusting after.

1. A pair of awesome sunglasses
2. Shoes (preferably sandals)
3. A small leather drawstring purse

4. A Welsh boy I met a few days ago with the face of a fucking angel.

--> edit: he got eleven A*s for his GCSEs. He is also gay.


3-D sunglasses, Bless

The Annie Glasses in Tortoise,

Cat Eye sunglasses in copper, Alexander Wang for Linda Farrow

London frames, Prism
(I know they aren't sunglasses, but LOOK AT THEM.)


Huarache Clog,
Opening Ceremony
[They look incredibly heavy, but you have to make some concessions, no?]

Cut out oxford sandals,
Opening Ceremony
[I would actually kill for these. Unfortunately, that wouldn't change my mom's mind.]

Drawstring bags

Studded Diego Bucket Bag in suede, Alexander Wang

Vintage Chanel drawstring bag
[The bag I will remember and want for the rest of my life. It. Is. Perfect.]

Seeing as I can't afford anything I've listed, it's time to save up for a visa to party in Shenzhen with my favourite shop assistants. =)

Saturday, 10 April 2010


Pacman Ragetoon
more animals

Ragetoons ftw. =)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

"But can a girl like me find a guy who'll love her for life? What if I grow old like this, without any ambitions? What if I end up dying lonely and sad?"

- Nana Komatsu

Friday, 2 April 2010

this is why you don't bring an american brand to england.

Now a rummage sale at American Apparel sounds like a godsend, ja? 20,000+ people in England thought so too, according to the Facebook event page. From what I've gathered, AA made little effort to control the crowd outside their London store and it resulted with this:

Maybe I'm just a pussy-footed Hong Kong girl, but I think that looks pretty frightening. There were no barriers, no security or staff to control the tsunami of bargain hunters, so it's not surprising it ended so badly. Apparently only thirty people got into the store before the rummage sale was shut down by the police (who should've been there to begin with). I guess American Apparel knows they've screwed up big time, because they recently updated their event page: