Monday, 12 April 2010

it's barely spring, but look ahead kid.

There are four things that I am currently lusting after.

1. A pair of awesome sunglasses
2. Shoes (preferably sandals)
3. A small leather drawstring purse

4. A Welsh boy I met a few days ago with the face of a fucking angel.

--> edit: he got eleven A*s for his GCSEs. He is also gay.


3-D sunglasses, Bless

The Annie Glasses in Tortoise,

Cat Eye sunglasses in copper, Alexander Wang for Linda Farrow

London frames, Prism
(I know they aren't sunglasses, but LOOK AT THEM.)


Huarache Clog,
Opening Ceremony
[They look incredibly heavy, but you have to make some concessions, no?]

Cut out oxford sandals,
Opening Ceremony
[I would actually kill for these. Unfortunately, that wouldn't change my mom's mind.]

Drawstring bags

Studded Diego Bucket Bag in suede, Alexander Wang

Vintage Chanel drawstring bag
[The bag I will remember and want for the rest of my life. It. Is. Perfect.]

Seeing as I can't afford anything I've listed, it's time to save up for a visa to party in Shenzhen with my favourite shop assistants. =)

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