Tuesday, 20 April 2010

somebody get me a lollipop. (TOP?)

A Korean band called Big Bang have been hired to advertise LG's new Lollipop phone (yes, I do have yellow fever in case you were wondering). Now, while this is old news for people following the Korean music circuit, I watched the music video for 'Lollipop' featuring 2NE1 just recently and was blown away by the blindingly neon outfits. TOP wears a pair of amazing glasses in the video and I went onto google images to try and find a picture of him wearing them, simply because there must be other girls even more obsessed with him than I am.

This failed.

Nevertheless, I did find out that Big Bang released a song called 'Lollipop 2', which totally blew my mind. I watched the video and had a minor mental breakdown.

This is an image of an outfit TOP wears in the video:

After drooling over TOP, please direct your attention to the AMAZING THING ON HIS WRIST.

That is a Toy Car Bracelet. I have capitalised each word because that's what it's actually being marketed as. This particular bracelet was designed by Nic Nat, but there are similar bracelets by 1981 here. His button blazer amazes me to no end, it's fitted so well.

In case you were wondering, yes, he is wearing a Hillary Clinton plushie around his neck. It isn't actually meant to be a necklace, it turns out that what TOP is wearing is a chew toy. Fat Cat Inc. created it so vindictive pet owners could watch their loveable dogs shred their not-so-favourite politicians to shreds. (Do I spy anti-American sentiment?)

In the same video, TOP also wore some crazy ass glasses:

After frantic research, I have found it impossible to place who designed them though. I am now thoroughly depressed. If anyone knows where they come from, please drop a comment and enlighten me. =)

If you noticed that TOP happens to be crushing yet another plushie beneath the Lollipop, it's again a Fat Cat Inc. production- only this time it's Bill Gates.

I wasn't as impressed with the choices for the other Big Bang boys (clearly the stylist was a diehard TOP fan) so I haven't included them. The link to the music video with all the other members' outfits is below this, just in case you're interested.

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  1. Just so you know:
    The Bracelet that T.O.P. is wearing is an Original Car Crash bracelet by Alter Ego By Erika Walton, he also is featured wearing a Psychedelic Pony Necklace in another advertisement. Check out T.O.P. blog at http://ameblo.jp/y-candy-drops/ it shows Alter Ego By Erika Walton and T.O.P. just scroll down.
    check out the website at ALTEREGOJEWELRY.COM
    This is the original toy jewelry line, its featured in top magazines every month for the past 4 years and in over 150 stores around the world.
    Nic Nac is a knock off brand. Just wanted to inform you so your not putting out incorrect information.