Friday, 16 April 2010

i even hid the small comma and its tail, but the future that awaited me became a full stop.

If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's the fact that I'm kind of obsessed with certain aspects of Asian culture. This covers a ridiculous spectrum, from future husbands/male idols to dramas, from clothing to food, etc.

I've always been omega interested in Asian music, since music has been a big part of my barely lived life, and there's one band who recently caught my eye.

This is Epik High.

They're a South Korean band and although the members aren't particularly pretty, they're really amazing at what they do- I think the music industry definitely needs more talent, rather than sex appeal. One of the members, Tablo, actually went to Stanford for english literature and this is why their English lyrics do not suck (do not even get me started on Hug by DBSK. I love them, but it was painful.)

The ending of this music video (Run - Epik High) will drive you absolutely crazy, my friend actually cried when she saw it this morning in our common room. It's been filmed so well- when I watched it again, the stills leave all these subtle hints: like how they only focus on the upper half of the boy's body and his left leg.

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