Tuesday, 27 April 2010

my ultimate summer dress.

I'm surprised it's still on the site, since I was lusting after it a couple of months ago, but I was scrolling through my bookmarked list and found this:

This is the Urban Outfitters reformed open-back dress. It still blows my mind everytime I lay my eyes upon it.

As my attempts to convince my mom into buying anything I've mentioned on this blog and more have failed, I've all but given up hope on this baby. For old time's sake, I'll fruitlessly plead with her- this dress deserves it.

What I did find though, is that this dress comes in another colour. In the ask and answer section, someone posted up a picture of themselves wearing it:

Given that my mom actually says yes, this may turn out to be the most intense dilemma of my entire life.

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