Friday, 11 June 2010

'The Notebook' audition tape - Rachel McAdams

There aren't that many actresses I really respect, but ever since 'The Notebook', Rachel McAdams has gained mine and kept it ever since. She's one of the more better names in Hollywood nowadays and also amongst the most talented, though she keeps a low profile in comparison to numerous others.

I was wandering about on youtube (as everyone is prone to doing at some point in their boredom) and found her audition tape for 'The Notebook'.

*sound of a brain spontaneously combusting*

She has been elevated to a new level of awesome. According to the description of the video, she had only recieved the script for 'The Notebook' the night before and so she hadn't had much time to prepare. I've provided it below:

The director would have been stupid not to cast her.

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