Wednesday, 9 June 2010

them lace tees look tasty.

Being an ignorant Hong Kong born and bred child, I was only exposed to American Apparel last summer and did not truly appreciate what an amazing brand it was. I did not appreciate my cousins' employee discount at the time either. I did not party and rush over to the promotional store when it opened in Lane Crawford either.

I only realised what an amazing brand it was - is - after all of these amazing opportunities escaped me.

High waisted bull-denim pencil skirts? High waisted swim shorts? Big slouchy jackets? These are all things that are hard to find here- at the moment we're big on drop crouch pants, layering (as always) and it's raining too much to even consider pulling out a twopiece. I was wandering about on the AA website, as I'm prone to doing when I'm bored, and clicked on a button that never really interested me before because it seemed so overdone. This button read 'Lace'.

And now I really, really want not just one lace shirt, but two. (For anyone looking to buy me a birthday present, they're specifically the Jacquard Lace tee in navy and El Salvador in nude). Here are some images of people I thought looked amazing wearing them.

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