Wednesday, 19 May 2010

gives me hope.

The site (GMH) has become my new addiction and the stories there have been making me cry. I'm posting up some of my favourites.

Today I found out about a 10-year-old boy who has been harrassed by his classmates because he refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Why? He says that until gays and lesbians have equal rights, there isn't really "liberty and justice for all". Kids with the courage to stand up for their fellow human beings GMH.

To the girl at the gym who said she wouldn't get a prom date because she was too "fat":

My friends and I were lifting weights nearby to try to impress you. Don't ever think that all guys see is your weight. We thought you were gorgeous.

The fact that you will realize that one day GMH.

I am a third grade teacher.

Most kids come in with notes or messages written by their mothers in their lunch sacks.

One little girl's dad left, and her mother abuses drugs. But her 12 year old brother never fails to write "I love you" on her brown paper bag.


I was reading about a little kid whose mom told him the key to life was happiness. When he was in school the teacher asked them to write down what they wanted to be when they grew up. He said happy. They said he didn't understand the assignment. He said they didn't understand life. My generation GMH

I recently rung up a young boy and his mother. When he saw me at the register, wearing a hijab, he grinned broadly at me. As they were walking away afterwards, he tugged on his mom's sleeve and said,

"Did you see her, ma? She's gorgeous! I bet that's why she's all covered up."


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