Tuesday, 18 May 2010

we've all got the capacity for angsty teen poetry.

I am aware that what I post next will firmly secure my position as a silly teenage girl, but attempting to break free of stereotypes and criticising them is so cliched. I've posted a scribbled, untitled poem below. I'm aware my creative writing style is kindofreallyyes abstract, but it means something to me so I don't see the need to adapt it.

A finger lingers

on a mouse button worn with the same blurred fingerprint
and a well-meaning computer screen attempts to
illuminate a face in starburst, only finding

Studies show that darkness contributes to depression;
which leads to self mutilation;
which leads to suicide;
(or so the online article states)
but she lets it stay because it's the only thing that
envelopes her in a blanket of
and the weighty knowledge that facades are no longer necessary.

(as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be-)


[Restarted without shutting down properly in prior session. This may result with memory loss and/or damaged files. Would you like to run a scan on all of your disk drives? Y/N]

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