Saturday, 29 May 2010

hail mary, full of grace, thou art beautiful carved on a ring.

wawaweewa. by mm-megan featuring Gucci bags

My favourite item from this set is the ring. I've found a bigger, zoomed in image of it below.

It's called the Milagrosa ring (in gold and Pacific opal) from a brand called Virgins, Saints & Angels. For those of you who don't know of them (I didn't know of them until ten minutes ago either), they use original Vatican medallions and reconstruct them into crazy pieces of jewellery as seen above. Their other stuff is nice, but their rings are amazing.

But I'm incredibly biased because I love rings in general, so don't take my word as gold. You can check their stuff out here.


  1. Cute ring! Oh, and I'm copying your iPod widget thingy idea x

  2. well, imma cut you.

    jk. laff you.